Featured Program


The purpose of the Veteran 500 Campaign is to offer grants to 120 additional Veterans which would then total 500 Veterans that have completed the Pain Program with the new technologies and protocols.

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Featured Video

BFW Charities was featured on the History Channel!

The following video presents a Furnishing Achievements donation we made in partnership with Becker Furniture World and Operation Build, a television series that works with non-profits to provide housing and furnishings for people in need. Watch how we were able to help a wounded Veteran and his family move into a new home.

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Three Dynamic Programs


The goal of the Medical Research & Education Program is to develop a research and education plan to help people understand their options on total health, as well as providing grants for Veterans, elderly and hurting.

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The goal of the Furnishing Achievements Program is to provide basic home furnishing for hurting families and individuals.

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The Samaritan Group’s goal is to provide monetary donations or grants to non-profit organizations to help them with specific projects.

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BFW Charities


BFW Charities is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to health research and providing grants, services, and basic home furnishings to people in our local communities, as well as abroad.  The organization operates through three dynamic programs: Medical Research and Grants, Furnishing Achievements, and the Samaritan Group.  Each year, BFW Charities impacts the lives of hundreds of people.